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We make complex AI technology accessible to all Engineers to accelerate decarbonisation of the manufacturing industry .

Our software, AiBoost, enables engineers to improve resource and energy efficiency of industrial operations leading to reduced carbon footprint and increased cost savings.

AiBoost® Benefits


Reduced Carbon Footprint


Increased Energy Efficiency


Increased Resource Efficiency


Reduced Cost


"AiBoost® reduces the lead time and resources required for AI solution development"

Capability Manager,

BAE Systems

"AiBoost® takes AI solutions from the top-floor to the shop-floor!"

Technology Capability Manager,


“AiBoost® has the potential to unlock AI across the Manufacturing Engineering community.”

Manufacturing Technology Manager,


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We are collaborating with leading blue chip companies to accelerate AI adoption by creating applications that make businesses more efficient, minimise cost, increase sustainability and reduce waste

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Getting started on your Net Zero journey can be a daunting challenge. IntelliumAI’s products and services simplifies the process and empowers your engineers to take control of your Net Zero journey.


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