AiBoost® : Democratising AI

AiBoost® platform is a no-code cloud-based Enterprise AI SaaS platform automating the process of applying AI to a wide range of business challenges.

Our Product

The AiBoost® cloud-based software platform automates the process of applying AI to a wide range of business challenges providing valuable data insights that allow our clients to make informed decisions that transform their operations across the organization.

Our clients own their data and know their business, IntelliumAI knows AI and through AiBoost® we simplify the application of AI in a secure, trustworthy and scalable way.

Using AiBoost® to generate AI solutions involves three simple steps


1. Define Business Problem


2. Upload or Connect Relevant Data


3. Use AiBoost® In Adaptive Cruise Control Mode

AiBoost Components

Data pre-processing

Feature Engineering

Multiple Model Building

Select Best Model

Prediction & Insight

Explainable AI


Deployment Options

AI Model Monitoring

Automated Reports

AiBoost Allows You To

Make smarter business decisions

Reduce costs and increase efficency

Accelerate time to realisation

Continually learn and scale across all line of business

Spread AI development to a wider user base

Reduce the overall cost building AI solutions

Deployment Options


Cloud / SaaS

Exploit the benefits of our AI solution in a Cloud environment abstracting all the hardware and software intricacies while generating insights.


On Premise

Keep total control of your data on your own network while leveraging IntelliumAI’s solutions to unlock the opportunities in your data.

Want to know more?

Getting started on your AI journey can be a daunting challenge. IntelliumAI’s products and services simplifies and accelerates AI adoption in your organisation. We support organisations to identify opportunities for AI adoption and accompany in the journey from proof of concept creation to solution deployment.


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