About Intellium AI

Intellium AI is dedicated to democratizing AI for the entire workforce. Our innovative solutions help businesses accelerate their digital transformation and improve performance. By reducing the costs and lead times of AI adoption, we make this powerful technology accessible to all.



Our vision is a world where the power of AI is accessible to all, enabling businesses across all industries to thrive in the digital age.


Value Proposition

Our USP is the ability to leverage industry domain knowledge and deep AI expertise to unlock AI across your organisation.

Our Story

Intellium AI is located in Bristol-UK and was founded by Kiran Krishnamurthy, with a unique blend of industry domain knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge AI technology.


Kiran’s background is in the Aerospace industry and its supply chain, and he has worked in leading blue-chip companies like Airbus, IBM, and Dassault Systems over the past 20 years. In the lead-up to Intellium AI, Kiran led the Data Science team at Airbus Group Innovations, transforming Airbus’ Manufacturing operations with Artificial Intelligence. Kiran noticed a disparity in the market in that the exponential rate of digital data growth was not matched with the necessary Data Science skills to leverage the data leading to a bottleneck in AI-driven industrial sustainability gains. Intellium AI was set up to address this disparity with a software solution that empowers everyday engineers to make data driven decisions.

Areas Of Operation



  • AiBoost® - End-to-end Enterprise AI Platform Easy-to-use platform to democratise & demystify AI.


  • How to get started with AI Basic to advanced AI training for wider workforce


  • AI Strategy Consultancy
  • Custom AI solution development

R & D

  • Address industrial AI adoption challenges Collaboratively develop novel industrial AI solutions.

Want to know more?

Getting started on your AI journey can be a daunting challenge. IntelliumAI’s products and services simplify and accelerate AI adoption in your organisation. We support organisations in identifying opportunities for AI adoption and accompany them in the journey from proof-of-concept creation to solution deployment.


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